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At Kutmus, Pennington & Hook, P.C., our clients receive representation that is knowledgeable, experienced and personable. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Mark S. Pennington assists individuals who are victims of personal injury, including motor vehicle accident, wrongful death and medical malpractice. William L. Kutmus assists individuals accused of criminal conduct. We are known for our specialized work and have found that by concentrating our efforts on a limited number of practice areas, we are able to offer focused, quality representation. As a result, we have developed a reputation for success and are proud of our long list of satisfied clients.




Experience is invaluable and should be an important factor you consider when interviewing and selecting an attorney. Our experience in handling complex cases come from years of training and from handling cases similar to yours. While no two cases are identical, the experience that comes from "having been down the road a few times" means that we won't need a roadmap when it comes to handling your case. We understand that selecting an attorney is a difficult and important task. We ask that you consider our experience as you make that important decision.

Whether it means having access to the leading experts in a particular field, understanding the legal theories, knowing your adversaries' strengths and weaknesses, or having the reputation with defense lawyers and insurance companies that we are not afraid to take them on, we gladly welcome comparison to other law firms. To assist you in making your decision, we would like to provide you with a description of some of our significant cases so that you will have an understanding of our experience. Client confidentiality and confidential settlements prevent us from disclosing all of the facts of a particular case. READ MORE

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  Criminal Defense

Criminal law covers "public wrongs", or offenses against the public and order. The federal, state, and local governments all define these laws and prosecute people who commit these crimes. Public wrongs range from traffic violations to the most serious offenses such as rape or murder. Those charged with a crime all called "defendants". They are represented by defense attorneys, while the government that charges the defendant is represented by an attorney called a "prosecutor". If you are charged with a crime, you will need representation by an attorney with experience in criminal defense in order to protect your legal rights.

The Constitution of the United States requires the government to follow the due process of law before depriving a person of their life, liberty, or property. Criminal statutes must therefore clearly define all crimes and criminal conduct, and cannot be vague or prevent understanding of conduct prohibited by law. Criminal statutes must define a guilty state of mind (called mens rea) as well as an illegal action (called actus reus). For example, it is not a crime to bump someone on a crowded train, because there was no criminal intent. It is also not a crime to think about harming someone without acting. This requirement also applies to attempted crimes. Conviction requires the defendant to take action to attempt a crime. An experience criminal defense attorney can explain these terms and concepts, and help you to understand the specifics of your situation.

I. Overview IV. Felonies
II. The Criminal Defense Process V. False Accusations
III. Misdemeanors VI. Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Who is a prosecutor? Q. Is it possible to be prosecuted for an attempt to commit a crime?
Q. What is a grand jury? Q. How is probation different from parole?
Q. What is restitution? Q. What is a white collar crime?
Q. If I'm innocent, should I still get a lawyer? Q. Do I need a lawyer if I intend to plead guilty?
Q. Is it possible to prosecute a child who commits a crime in the same way an adult would be prosecuted? Q. How does a prosecutor decide whether to charge an individual with a crime?


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